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Welcome to R.Rajesh Exports(RR)

R.Rajesh Exports(RR) a family owned business, was established by Sorathia & Gajera family in 1985. Over the last 36 years we have grown exponentially year on year building a strong & dedicated workforce of 2500 skilled and experienced artisans working at our diamond manufacturing and processing facility located in Surat (India). We are one of the top diamond manufacturers and traders selling to retailers and customers all around the globe.

The company is built strongly on traditions and values, the responsibilities of managing the company have been now gradually passed down to the immensely qualified and professional younger generation, who now hold an important position in the core areas of purchasing, processing, exporting, marketing and overall management of the company. Our team is persistently working under the able and strong guidance of Mr.Jadavbhai Sorathia who is the inspirational force behind the growth and expansion of the company and for spearheading the professional expertise of the group.

R.Rajesh Exports

Our Vision

To persistently work towards establishing an effective presence across the Globe by consistently innovating and integrating the business value chain in order to provide our customers the utmost level of quality through our products and services.

Our Mission

Instilling the principles of Transparency, Trust and Integrity, driven by the passion to offer the best and nurturing strong bond with our employees, customers and business partners.

Our Values

Transparency, Trust and Integrity are the founding principles of the company, which will never be compromised in any circumstances.”

Through the years of growth and expansion, one thing which has remained constant are the company’s strong values. We have always been known for our transparency and the trust which our clients hold in us.

Quality Policy

The Sorathia and Gajera family right from inception have had a vibrant, optimistic and constructive thought process with very valuable experience from the diamond industry. The promoter’s foresightedness can be assessed through our ever growing and changing business. We are united in our dedication towards offering excellent products, providing superior quality service and creating mutually profitable and lasting relationships with all our business partners.

Every diamond delivered carries with it the firm’s commitment to defend the ethical integrity of the chain of supply, right from the mine to the marketplace. The RR Grading System is our in-house grading system, which has been developed specifically to provide in-depth detail and total transparency to the client. Our accurate grading system ensures the client's confidence on the quality of the diamonds. The craftsmanship, quality and dedication offered to our clients distinguish us and make our diamonds extraordinary from ordinary. On time delivery and innovative process designing distinguishes us from the others and makes us one of the most reliable and trustworthy name in Diamond Industry


Our zeal to minimize the cost of production has led to major reforms in our manufacturing process, which involves usage of most advance technology and model machinery. Technology innovates businesses and promotes substantial growth, RR have always been in the forefront and adopted the latest technology to deliver the best. We strongly believe that adopting new technology is a positive path to drive growth and profitability, and it can transform the business for the better resulting in maximum yield.


In the recent years the company has taken the inroads in the fields of e-commerce through our website www.rrajesh.co by offering 24x7 real-time online access to our stock of certified diamonds. Customers can also have a quick, safe and easy online buying experience by ordering through the RR Mobile App. RR have a worldwide reach and we offer delivery of our products and services across the globe.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team
  • Mr.Jadavbhai Sorathia

    Chairman & Founder
  • Mr.Rasikbhai Gajera

  • Mr.Mahesh Gajera

    Managing Director
  • Mr.Rajesh Sorathia

    Manufacturing Director